Sunday, August 7, 2011

Empty Cupboard Meal: The Breakfast Burger

Around 7:00 p.m. everyday I arrive back at my apartment and do the same routine: check the mail, switch footwear from chefs clogs to slippers, navigate my way to the kitchen and figure out a dinner plan. 

The issue with this -- we've been making some cutbacks lately (by lately I mean forever) and regularly going food shopping is a task we do not take part in as often as we would like to. Other things we have cut back on include our lack of cable and internet which leaves for a pretty boring household when you're all alone. And when I'm bored, I like to cook. 

I think the look of an empty fridge turns people away from cooking altogether. I realize all that white space drains motivation but if we look past it , sometimes there are enough resources in this "empty kitchen" to still make a great meal. 

My latest hobby: searching my fridge, freezer and cupboard to find some hidden gems. 

Alas, The Breakfast Burger

What I found

In the fridge: eggs, onions, turkey bacon, butter

In the freezer: burger slider patties

In the cupboard: light brown sugar, rolls, maple syrup, pepper

I caramelized the onions in light brown sugar and butter. Turned the bacon into maple pepper bacon by brushing each side with maple syrup every 5 minutes of oven baking and seasoning with pepper. Thought the only way to make this breakfast themed burger complete was to have some scrambled eggs on top.

Together, it created a strange yet exciting mix of sweet, salty, buttery and ... meaty.

And no complaints, just empty plates. 

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